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Jinan Minglun Machinery Co., Ltd.】electric vehicle classification:

1. Electric trolley, electric trolley is suitable for short distance transport of goods, such as workshop, station, logistics company and other goods short distance turnover transport, we can customize the electric trolley according to the size and weight of the goods.

2.  Electric lifting trolley, electric lifting vehicle is suitable for breeding plants, picking, installation and other 1-6m height lifting, we can customize according to the lifting height and weight, customized lifting height range: 1.2-6m.

3. Electric tricycles, electric cargo tricycle is suitable for short distance cargo, soliciting, etc., have to dump, space is large etc, we have different power (500 w / 650 w / 800 w / 1000 w / 1200 w), size (1.1/1.3/1.5/1.6/1.8 m length of the car)

4. Manual/electric pallet truck, suitable for the transfer of wooden box goods, you can also choose the electric style for the turnover of heavy goods, carrying the weight of the goods is 3000kgs.